Our candidate, William Taylor, is a familiar face to many of you. With him we have been active – not asking for your vote, but listening to your concerns.

In the four weeks to mid-February, William and his supporters met 94 local people and conducted 59 one-to-one interviews across both the Middlesex Street and Aldgate Estates.  Last weekend we arranged a meeting for you in the Mumbai Square Restaurant to discuss key priorities. Eleven residents across both estates gave up part of their Saturday to share concerns, identify priorities and begin to take practical action with five members of your local Labour Action Team.

What have we heard?

We have heard how you like to live in the City and we’ve heard some of your frustrations too – e.g. lack of green space and lack of facilities for children and young people as well as problems over parking, repairs and security. Here are your top concerns:

Security and Access

  • Can Iveagh Court residents have access to Guinness Court to enable them to get home across the bridge when the lifts are down?
  • And can residents on Mansell Street have fob access through Guinness Court to the bins and car park?
  • There is concern that the separate landings don’t have door entry in Guinness Court.
  • Why do some of the CCTV cameras not work?

Management and Representation

  • Some of you expressed frustration by the “all or nothing” attitude shown by Guinness contractors over the installation of the new bathrooms.
  • Why does it take forever to get Guinness busy on repairs? e.g. Broken floor tiles, lights, gates, door entries

Development Issues

  • Many spoke of the work that Delis, John and Henry – as well as your residents’ association – are doing to limit disruption from the proposed 4C Hotels development proposal opposite.

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