Press coverage of Labour’s win

Media coverage – 22 March 2014

City AM – By-election gives Labour its first ever seat in the City of London

Financial News (blog) – THE REDS, THE REDS ARE COMING

FT – Labour win raises questions on City of London’s independence (link requires registration)

Independent – ‘The red flag is flying’ over the City of London as vicar wins Labour’s first ever seat on the council

Twitter has been very busy, highlights include congratulations from Iain McNicol, Labour Party general secretary

Portsoken Labour – our WordPress blog sprang into life yesterday with 135 visitors and 213 views


Thank you leaflet with date of first surgery

Yesterday, the Labour Action Team produced and distributed a Thank You newsletter with news of Labour councillor, William Campbell-Taylor’s first surgery.

Click here to read 140321 Portsoken Matters colour

Labour wins historic victory in the City

The Labour Party’s William Campbell-Taylor won a decisive victory last night in the City of London Portsoken Ward by-election – the first time ever an official Labour councillor will have entered the Guildhall.

The results are as follows: turnout 379 (43.26%)

William Campbell-Taylor (Labour) 137, Marie Brockington 98, Evan Millner 47, Syed Mahmood 44, Roger Jones 26, Andre Walker 11, Muhammad al-Hussaini 9

For further details click here : 140321 Press release 1401

Middlesex Street Estate RA asks tricky questions of sitting councillors ahead of election

The March 2014 issue of the MSERA Newsletter asks some difficult questions of its current sitting councillors.

Read all about them here:140317 MSERA Newsletter

One in particular sticks out for the local Labour Party and its by-election candidate, William Campbell-Taylor:

Why did our Ward Common Councilmen keep the RA in the dark for the past 2 years, regarding the Phase III feasibility report?

Whatever their reasons, Labour unearthed the consultants’ report and reported back to residents on 28 February. The Council is still keeping three reports about the possible building of more homes on the estate secret.

William says:

I believe my standing for Labour gives you a genuine choice.  I am clear about your ‘Right to Know’.

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Residents support Labour’s petition and comment on latest CCTV news

Three local residents have jointly signed an open letter to all resident of the Guinness Trust estate on Mansell Street supporting the Labour Party’s petition about shed doors and security, providing an update about the CCTV system.

In plain language, it is not fit for purpose.

Read more here : 140315 Letter re cctv

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Can’t the City of London afford light bulbs

I was out last night with our candidate, William Taylor, canvassing residents of Petticoat Square ahead of next week’s by-election.

It was a bit gloomy. Then we noticed many of the lights above flats on the Podium were not working, ditto some of the lamp standards in the Square.

We have caused a bit of controversy by asking residents about their housing, listening to their concerns and collecting signatures on petitions. With a by-election pending there is a remarkable flurry of activity by the landlord, ordering new doors, repairing locks, and even adding a lick of paint.

But really, can’t the City of London’s finances stretch to replacing broken light bulbs?

Getting results for Portsoken residents

Last week with two weeks to go until Election Day, Labour’s candidate William Taylor showed local residents how, even before the vote, he can get results.

No messing about he contacted key decision makers in the Council and Guinness Trust South to follow through resident concerns about security and other housing management matters set out in two Labour Party petitions.

You can read the results here by downloading his Election Statement: Election Statement – 2p Final

*There is much more to be done but it is a start*

Now he is asking for your vote to represent you on Common Council and get more results


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