Labour asks is City applying for Living Wage Employer status

Portsoken’s William Campbell-Taylor CC will ask Chairman of Policy to confirm whether the City of London is applying for Living Wage Employer status at the September Common Council meeting later today.

The question tabled reads: “Can the Chairman of Policy confirm that an application for accredited Living Wage employer status is being prepared for submission by the City of London?”

If confirmed this step will mark the culmination of a six-year long campaign by local Labour Party members to secure a living wage for all the Corporation’s employers and contractors, and persuade the City to seek accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation.

It will also trigger a move by the branch to put down an emergency resolution to Labour Party Conference to strengthen the case in Labour’s General Election manifesto for for implementing the living wage more widely to help tackle the country’s cost of living crisis.

For more information contact:
William Campbell Taylor 07749644066 or
Peter Kenyon 07967362052 eMail: