Labour Portsoken in the news: New Neighbourhood Watch initiative helps tackle antisocial behaviour on fireworks night

‘Before the Neighbourhood Watch group there was no network to tackle this kind of antisocial behaviour.’



This is the shocking moment a group of youths set off fireworks on the balcony of a housing estate in City of London.

The video, filmed by local resident and Councillor Jason Pritchard, captured the group as they hovered in the outdoor hallway of the estate on Bonfire Night.

At least eight people were stood outside the homes when a group of three, gathered to the far right, lit a firework and placed it on the ground.

People stood further down the row of flats moved away from the narrow hallway as the firework shot across the concrete.

Sparks were seen flying from the ground when the rocket scraped the floor before coming to a halt at the end of the hall.

The group then gathered at the end of the corridor as smoke filled the estate, jumping up and down excitedly.

As the clip ended, one of the group appeared to light another firework and walk down the hall with his arm extended.

Mr Pritchard, a City of London councillor, was alerted to the situation by a neighbour who posted in the Middlesex Street Estate Neighbourhood Watch scheme Whatsapp group.

He said: ‘We just have a WhatsApp group which is how the situation was flagged quickly with these youths behaving recklessly on the estate and got it resolved very quickly and police to deal with it.

‘Before the Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp group there was no network to tackle this kind of antisocial behaviour.’

petition launched by Amy Cullen to ban the sale of fireworks to the public for reasons such as this has so-far gained more than 170,000 signatures.

She said: ‘Fireworks are a nuisance to the public. They scare animals, young children and people with a phobia.

‘Lastly, kids are STILL being sold them.’

Source: Faith Ridler / Mail Online

If you live on the Middlesex Street Estate and want to join the WhatsApp group or would like more information about the new Neighbourhood Watch scheme or to become involved then you can get in touch by emailing

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