We are pleased to announce that Munsur Ali & Jason Pritchard have been selected as Labour candidates for Portsoken ward election on 23 March.

On Your Side

Over the last three years Fr. William Taylor ran a monthly surgery in the ward and dealt with scores of individual pieces of casework. Now Jason Pritchard, a resident in Middlesex Street, and Munsur Ali, a resident on Mansell Street, will run regular surgeries offering advice in English, Spanish and Bengali.

“Whatever the challenge, we are on your side”

Munsur lives on Mansell Street and was raised in the ward. He studied film at London Metropolitan University and now has his own company. He got more involved through a concern for the redevelopment plans for his estate: “Concerned that key decisions are made behind closed doors I demanded transparency. I now realise that if we don’t work together the loudest voice in the room will get its way.”

Jason was born in Tower Hamlets and went to school locally and now his children go to the local primary school. He has lived in Petticoat Tower since 2008. “I want to focus on the local issues that affect us all on a daily basis. Last year I got involved in a clean air campaign with parents and residents and I discovered that pollution levels are far too high in Aldgate. I worry about the future for families in my community and I have decided to do something about it.”

Now Munsur Ali and Jason Pritchard are asking for your vote to represent you on Common Council, please put your X here on 23 March to get more results




Published and promoted by Peter Kenyon on behalf of Jason Pritchard and Munsur Ali and City of London Labour Party both of 361 Shakespeare Tower Barbican London EC2Y 8NJ


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