Labour’s William Campbell-Taylor speaks out over smear campaign

Former Portsoken Labour councillor William Campbell-Taylor has spoken out about a stalker who created a “cyber smear” scandal to ruin his reputation.



Last month local newspaper City Matters reported Mr Campbell-Taylor was the target of defamatory direct mail distributed in the Middlesex Street Estate where he was campaigning to become Portsoken Alderman.

The flyers accused the Anglican priest of grooming “a vulnerable male” for sex and were distributed to residents just over a fortnight before they went to the polls on 14 December.

But the harassment goes far deeper, according to Mr Campbell-Taylor who has recounted details of stalking, false allegations and threats of violence in a revealing post on his blog Hackney Preacher.

“For the better part of the last decade I’ve had a stalker,” he wrote.

“In the beginning, when we were colleagues, I didn’t realise that’s what it was. I tried to field his unusual intensity with everyday friendliness. It didn’t work. In fact my attempts to manage the situation made it far worse.”

“Five years ago I sought to break off all contact. Three years ago I went to the Police [sic]. Until now I have not spoken about it in public.”

Mr Campbell goes on to say that the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, delivered gifts – including a live hamster – to his home, threatened to circumcise him with a scalpel and made allegations of sexual assault, which he disseminated through fake news websites.

“Anonymous unsolicited news bulletins ‘reporting’ on these abuse allegations were sent to fellow councillors in the City of London, to clergy colleagues and friends across London diocese, to my wife’s friends and colleagues, the local rabbi,” Mr Campbell-Taylor wrote.

“To be clear: I have never had any sexual contact with this man. Nor have I wanted or sought to have any. I have certainly never abused him.”

Thames Magistrates’ Court issued a restraining order on 9 January this year prohibiting the man from making any reference to or about Mr Campbell-Taylor and his wife that “is likely to cause them harassment, alarm or distress”.

A police spokesperson has confirmed they are currently investigating concerns reported to them “in relation to matters of electoral process”.

At this stage no evidence has been released linking the individual to the flyers.

Mr Campbell-Taylor said he felt compelled to speak out after being approached for comment by City Matters on the allegations made in the flyers.

“The reason that I am putting this story on my blog is because there is nowhere amongst all the cyber smear that gives my account of what actually happened.”

“I want the truth to be at least visible within the fog that swirls about it.

“In the end, however, our good name is one we receive as a gift. It’s a grace bestowed neither by the magistrate’s court nor by the court of public opinion. And for that I give thanks.”

Source: City Matters

Portsoken Aldermanic Election Update: William Campbell-Taylor will be Labour candidate


William announcement 2

Portsoken Aldermanic Election Update: William Campbell-Taylor will be Labour candidate for the forthcoming Aldermanic election which will take place on Dec 14th 2017. This is the first time that the Labour party will contest an Aldermanic seat in the City of London. William Campbell-Taylor became the first ever political party candidate to be elected to the Common Council after winning a by-election in Portsoken in March 2014. Labour now has five Labour councillors in the City of London following historic election results in 2017 which included the election of two Labour councillors in the ward of Portsoken.


Press coverage of Labour’s win

2017-03-25 21.29.04

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Saying thank you and sending best wishes to Rev Dr William Campbell Taylor


On Ash Wednesday the City of London’s first ever Labour councillor announced his decision to step down from Common Council in an email:

Dear fellow Common Councilmen

Although I have decided not to stand in the election in Portsoken I’m pleased to say that two very good local candidates, Jason Pritchard and Munsur Ali, will be contesting the ward for Labour. The red flag may yet still fly above Guildhall.

The reason that I’m stepping down is to give my parish (and, indeed, my family) some rather overdue attention.

I know that some of you have regretted the entry of party politics into the City Corporation, but I hope that you may also acknowledge how the most excellent ancient institutions of the City of London need continually to find new ways to serve the Common Good.

My best wishes to you all,

William Taylor

The local Labour Party extends its thanks to William for showing us how to blend Labour values with community organising for the Common Good.


Labour asks is City applying for Living Wage Employer status

Portsoken’s William Campbell-Taylor CC will ask Chairman of Policy to confirm whether the City of London is applying for Living Wage Employer status at the September Common Council meeting later today.

The question tabled reads: “Can the Chairman of Policy confirm that an application for accredited Living Wage employer status is being prepared for submission by the City of London?”

If confirmed this step will mark the culmination of a six-year long campaign by local Labour Party members to secure a living wage for all the Corporation’s employers and contractors, and persuade the City to seek accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation.

It will also trigger a move by the branch to put down an emergency resolution to Labour Party Conference to strengthen the case in Labour’s General Election manifesto for for implementing the living wage more widely to help tackle the country’s cost of living crisis.

For more information contact:
William Campbell Taylor 07749644066 or
Peter Kenyon 07967362052 eMail:

Press coverage of Labour’s win

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